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                     ATTENTION CALIFORNIA MEMBERS           The Folsom Cattle Drive is CANCELLED due to heat!

 Pony Express Rider Doc Wiser Interview on the Pony Express

Attention all California Pony Express members…

The National Historical Pony Express Trail is open; however, there may still be snow in some of the shady areas. The Trail is in need of a lot of work before the Annual Pony Express Re-Ride in late June. Remember, if your trail is in the foothills or the mountains, you must pre-ride your section of the trail.

We cannot express enough the importance of pre-riding your section of the trail. By conducting a pre-ride and clearing your Trail, it allows you the time and knowledge to understand the drop off and pick up points, the condition of the trail, points of concern, and to make sure you can cover your section of the trail in the allotted time.

If you need help clearing your section of the Trail, please ask a fellow Pony Express rider for their help. If there are large trees or issues in which create closures to the Trail or a hazard, take a picture if possible and get an accurate location. Please contact Cindy Honn immediately at (530) 957-1585 with as much detail as possible. It may take Cindy several weeks to get the help to your section of the Trail, so do not wait until the last minute (if you wait, the Trail may not be cleared)!

Remember it is our responsibility to maintain the National Historical Pony Express Trail. Always think safety when you are on the trail and work in pairs. If you should have a problem finding your trail, or you see any vandalism on any of our signs, please contact Cindy.

Thank you everyone, be safe and enjoy the ride!

2015 California Board of Directors
President Rich Tatman
Vice President Jack Davis
Treasure Vicki Rorke
Secretary Susan La France
Member at Large
Cindy Honn
Lori Babbage
Melba Leal

To contact the California Pony Express please call President Rich Tatman / 
(916) 599-2407 / (916) 362-1902

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