California Pony Express 

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Pony Express Historical Trail

Historical Pony Express Trail

The Pony Express was instrumental to the development of communications in the west and are commemorated by the Pony Express National Historic Trail.  Legislation authorizing the addition of the Trail to the National Trails Systems was signed by President George W. Bush on August 3, 1992.  It is administered by the Department of Interior/National Park Service.  The P.E.N.H.T. is a route rather than a continuous trail.  It can be followed by horse, foot or auto for most of its length. 


Large expanses of the territory through which it transverses are still very scenic and many museums and historical sites offer interpretation and preservation.  Through its Re-Ride, publications, resource guides, speakers bureaus, work parties and commemorative events on the trail, it seeks to give the horseman, historian and general public a sense of excitement, danger and accomplishments of the unique historic mail service on this trail.


Today, the volunteer Pony Express riders actually clear the trail prior to the annual Re-Ride in order to ensure that the trail is passable.  The clearing of the trail also helps the public enjoy the trail when hiking, running, backpacking, biking, and of course, enjoy a great ride with your equestrian friend!  



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